Corporate Information

Incorporated in Paris, France, (922 054 150 R.C.S. Paris), the City University of Paris (CityU Paris) is a private and independent distance learning institution. 

City University of Paris is listed on the French Ministry of National Education register.

Trademark Notice

This is to inform all parties concerned that the name and logo of the City University of Paris have been officially trademarked in France under the jurisdiction of INPI (Institut national de la propriété industrielle). The trademark notice has been duly published in Le Bulletin officiel de la propriété industrielle (BOPI).

Effective from September 9, 2023, all rights and ownership of the City University of Paris trademark, including its name and logo, exclusively belong to City University of Paris. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or imitation of the trademark is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.

City University of Paris takes this step to protect its intellectual property and maintain the integrity of its brand. For any inquiries or permissions related to the use of the trademark, please contact the legal department of City University of Paris at

BOPI Publication
INPI Listing

Institutional Authorization

Ministry of National Education, France

Code: French Education Act, Code de l’Education Articles L 444-1 to 444-11 and R 444-1 to 444-28

Authorized course (s):
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) - View authorization letter
Doctor of Education (D.Ed) - submitted for authorization
Master of Business Administration (MBA) - submitted for authorization

Legalized Authorization Letter (s)

Note: Legalized documents of City University of Paris do not imply government endorsement; they demonstrate legality of the document.
City University of Paris provides this information for public confidence by confirming legal award conferral under relevant government authority.
Ministry of Labor, France

Code: Article L. 6352-12 of the French Labor Code

Declaration Number: 11756707075 View

Authorized professional training providers are listed here(Note: scroll to the last section and click "Fichiers" tab. Download the first excel spreadsheet and search "City University of Paris")

Disclaimer (Must Read)

Académie de Paris Authorization:
Under the French education system, private schools are either “sous contrat” – with the government paying teachers’ salaries and the school following the national curriculum – or “hors contrat” - not funded by the government, and therefore not obligated to follow any particular curriculum.

The City University of Paris is a "hors contrat" school, therefore our awards are not equivalent to awards of French public educational institutions. The City University of Paris delivers all its programs in the English medium and exclusively enrolls international students outside of France. The City University of Paris seeks only international accreditation and professional memberships outside of France due to the nature of its authorization and operations. 

Professional Training Authorization:
Authorized professional training providers must be active at the time of delivering training. To maintain active status, training organizations must submit their financial and pedagogical reports annually to the Ministry of Labor.

Below are the steps to verify the active status of a training organization with the Ministry of Labor.

1. Visit
2. Search "City University of Paris"
3. Click the "Label & Certificates" tab
4. The status should read "This structure is a training organization, up to date with their obligations"

If a training provider's profile does not have a "label & certificates" tab, it is no longer declared active and authorized by the Ministry of Labor.