Doctor of Business Administration



An online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is a doctoral-level degree designed to prepare professionals for advanced leadership roles in the field of business and management. It is a terminal degree in business administration and is considered equivalent to a Ph.D. in Business Administration in terms of academic rigor and research requirement

This program offers the flexibility of distance learning, allowing students to complete the coursework and requirements from anywhere with an internet connection. The program is typically structured to accommodate the schedules of working professionals, enabling them to continue their careers while pursuing their doctoral degrees.

The curriculum includes conducting applied research, understanding business theory, and applying what you've learned in the classroom to real-life professional challenges. In addition, this program will help to prepare members for expanded roles with their current employer or with another organization, or for roles as consultants.

Courses: 14

Assessment method:

Coursework and Capstone

Duration: 2-4 years

Study mode: Online

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Course information

Admission Requirements
Completion Requirements
  • Applicants typically need to have completed a master's degree in a related field, such as business administration, management, finance, or a relevant discipline. Some programs may require a specific GPA (Grade Point Average) for the master's degree, such as a minimum of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Require applicants to have substantial professional experience in a managerial or executive role. The required years of experience can vary but often range from five to ten years. This requirement ensures that applicants have practical experience in the business field, which can enhance their contributions to the program.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV): Applicants are typically required to submit an updated resume or CV that highlights their educational qualifications, work experience, professional achievements, and any relevant publications or research.
  • A statement of purpose or personal statement is a written essay where applicants explain their reasons for pursuing a DBA degree, their career goals, and how the program aligns with their aspirations. It is an opportunity to demonstrate your passion for business administration and articulate your research interests.
  • Submit a clear copy of your ID or passport.

Candidates will have a minimum of two (2) years and a maximum of four (4) years in which to complete the DBA degree successfully.

As a significant component of a DBA program, students are required to develop a research proposal outlining their intended doctoral research. The proposal typically includes a research problem statement, research questions, a review of relevant literature, a methodology section, and anticipated contributions to the field.

The proposal needs to be approved by a faculty committee before students can proceed with their research. The culmination of the research is the completion of a doctoral dissertation, which is a substantial written document that contributes new knowledge to the field of business administration.

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You can download your award in PDF format from the link sent to you. The award will have a QR code that can be scanned without a QR code scanner application. With this privilege, you can also share your digital award on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Common questions

How long does it take to get a business degree?

When pursuing doctoral degrees, students usually focus on business theories, management strategies, and or other specializations. It requires a significant time commitment to complete a business degree, which generally can take up to 3-6 years after completion of a master's. Appropriately, prospective students must consider if they need a doctoral degree to pursue their career goals.

How can I tailor a business degree for my needs?

You can start by exploring the various degrees and narrowing them to your interests. Then, choose a program that is applicable to them to achieve your goals.  Consider choosing a major so you can obtain skills and further your knowledge that aligns with your career goals.

Which business online degree program could be right for me?

After identifying your interests, it is important to understand which path is right for you. Therefore, when deciding to choose a degree, you must think of why you want to earn this degree and what are the outcomes that you expect at the end of it. You must also consider whether the program you are choosing will open doors to your career.

What is Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)?

A prior learning assessment (PLA) is also known as a course exemption or advanced standing. It is a form of evaluation of the learning that is gained outside of traditional institutes toward further education or training. PLA is a proven intervention that helps learners reduce their educational costs and time to graduation.

How does a business degree prepare me for, or enhance, my business career?

Earning a business degree can equip you with many important managerial and leadership skills for a successful career, such as how to overcome business struggles and manage employees, effective communication, and maintaining a strong mentality within your team while accessing the business world.

You can also gain some other benefits including:

  • become a better and more knowledgeable leader
  • increase of pay 
  • a better comprehension of business strategy and management 
  • higher job performance and development of skills