Data Analytics


The importance of the data does not imply only generating and collecting them, but also knowing how to classify them, how to generate data models, and how to be able to extract business value from them.

Being able to know how to work with the data and the available applications that can be utilized are key factors when managing a company from a strategic approach.

This course is the first one in a program that is focused on preparing yourself to increase your data analytics skills and your strategic point of view on how to use data for the decision-making process.

The main objectives of this course are :

  • Define data analytics and the main stages of a data analytics project.
  • Detail the main data types and source of data.
  • Identify the main tools and solutions for collecting data, data processing, data analyzing, and visualization.
  • Explain the fundamental concepts (Maths and Statistics) utilized in data analytics.
  • Practice with a dataset some key steps in the data analytics process
  • Create dashboards considering the results of the previous analysis


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Assessment method:

Coursework and Capstone

Duration: 1 month

Study mode: Online

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Course information

Admission Requirements
Completion Requirements
  • An MBL, MBA, or equivalent Master's degree from an accredited tertiary institution (provide a clear copy of the degree as well as a transcript indicating the symbol or percentage obtained for each module and indicating that the qualification was completed)
  • An average pass mark of 65% and above for the Master's degree
  • Submit a 2,500-word research outline fitting the research focus areas of the SBL displayed below
  • Submit a recent Curriculum Vitae
  • Submit a clear copy of your ID or passport.

Candidates will have a minimum of two (2) years and a maximum of four (4) years in which to
complete the DBA degree successfully.

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The objective of executive education courses is to aid in the enhancement and cultivation of business knowledge and skills, enabling participants to evolve into well-rounded leaders. The specific results of the program can vary based on the courses selected.

How do executive education courses differ from traditional academic programs?

Executive Education Courses:

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