City University of Paris (CityU Paris) joins CMI, UK

01 Jun 2023

This student- focused affiliation delivers CityU Paris’ students with leadership and management content through CMI.

City University of Paris (CityU Paris) announces its key, student-focused affiliation with Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK. This collaboration provides its students with the privilege to become CMI members, giving them access to various management skills and leadership development including office productivity resources throughout their journey at CityU Paris.

“This affiliation will yield another great resource for our learners at CityU Paris to develop their management skills and office productivity, becoming better team players in teamwork.” CityU Paris President, Dr Alaric Naude remarked. He also mentioned, “We are always seeking for opportunities to enhance the values for learners at CityU Paris. CMI, UK is a great affiliate to work with as one who provides tangible, real-world privileges.”

Every full-time learner studying at CityU Paris are eligible for the CMI membership. It is effective for one year from their enrolment. CMI membership provides the students with access to CMI’s Management Direct, CMI’s online resource portal, which includes more than 20,000 pieces of management and leadership content, and CMI’s Career Development Centre, providing students with tools to help launch or enhance their job prospects. Membership also includes CMI’s events and webinars for continuous education on the trends in business and management, along with CMI’s job search engine.

CMI engages with businesses and education to inspire people to become professional, confident and prospering leaders. Their thoughts to leadership, research, and online resources have provided practical insight for today’s learners and the upcoming generation. They boast of over 170,000 associates, which they represent when speaking with policy members.

Incorporated in Paris, France, (922 054 150 R.C.S. Paris), City University of Paris is a private and independent distance learning organization. Now a member partner with CMI, CityU Paris enables its students to obtain the membership as they enroll. For further information, visit

Under the French education system, private schools are either “sous contrat” – with the government paying teachers’ salaries and the school following the national curriculum – or “hors contrat” - not funded by the government, and therefore not obligated to follow any particular curriculum.

The City University of Paris is a "hors contrat" school, and its awards are not eligible for admission nor credit transfer into French public educational institutions.